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Vocational Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship Center

The structure of the building becomes the façade and the defining image of the project. The object of the project is the development of a new building intended for a Vocational Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship Center in the municipality of Alfaz del Pi.

The main goal when designing the building is to provide the greatest light, ventilation and quality to the classrooms, These are understood as the main and indispensable object of the project. With this will, a system is generated organizational system that allows its repetition and that organizes the classrooms through patios.

This system generates a module composed of a patio, classrooms and service areas that are organized by a central corridor that runs through the entire building.

The entire teaching program is planned on the ground floor, with the desire to make it as accessible as possible and always trying to maintain a continuous exterior-interior relationship in all rooms. The administrative program is separated from the teaching program, being located on the first floor of the center. This allows it to be provided with a certain privacy, separated and organized in a functional and simple way.

The reception and entrance hall are given double height, generating a higher quality space. architectural and emphasizing the public use for which it is intended. Most of the classrooms, as well as the workshop, They face northeast. The intention is to direct them towards the plot destined for green areas, pretending that in in the future it can become an extension of the center, and can be used by its members.


The building has a regular geometry that responds to the comb-type structure where The plant is made up of 4 modules joined together by a longitudinal axis that crosses and articulates the entire building. The structure of the building becomes the façade and the defining image of the project.

The entire structural system is projected from precast concrete, both walls and the horizontal structure. To avoid the coldness produced by buildings completely industrialized, and giving the building its own character, a piece is generated irregular triangular concrete, which generates a constant volume on the façade and becomes the element project modulator.


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