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Casa Acosta

A habitable sculpture that faithfully reflects its immediate surroundings and its owner.

Located on a triangular plot, with the difficulties that this entails at the distribution level, It is based on the space obtained after applying the regulations and the setbacks to begin designing the A Costa house.

Designed for a very special client, lover of the world of art and natural materials, This home was born that tries to be a faithful portrait of the owner and the studio's philosophy.

To make the most of the plot space, a triangular house is created to which There remains a gap in the plan produced by a circumference, which, in addition to giving shape to the façade and become the differentiating element of the home, it allows the house to be opened to the outside and allows a direct and fluid connection between both spaces.

To resolve the encounters produced by these two intersecting geometries, covered terraces are generated, which are the product of placing orthogonal walls and carpentry in the home.

Casa A Costa is materialized mainly through the use of wood and natural stone, these two being of the most representative materials of the study. Through careful selection and thoughtful application of these materials Casa A Costa shows our dedication to creating spaces that are not only visually attractive, but also harmonious with its surroundings.

As we enter this house, we find the spiral staircase, which stands out as a structure emblematic at the entrance of the house. This staircase not only fulfills its function of connecting between the different levels, but also becomes an identifying architectural element, providing personality and distinction to the general design.

In addition, the light entrances of the house are designed in such a way that most of the light comes from from the south, opening the house to the views. On the rest of the facades, to avoid unwanted views and achieve privacy, lighting is produced through interior patios, filtering the entry of light through vertical elements opaque.


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