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Casa Alfredo

A home adapted to the needs of its inhabitants

Casa Alfredo is located in Alfaz del Pi, within a low-density residential area characterized by homes with similar characteristics.

This house is designed for Alfredo, Paloma and their son. The bases of the project arise from the need to obtain an adapted and accessible home for his son Alfredo.

With these premises, and after many meetings with them to learn about their way of life and their needs, this ground floor home was born.

The main challenges when approaching the project are the functionality of the home, which must meet all the needs of this family, together with the desire of the studio and the clients to design a home in harmony with its environment that can take advantage of the qualities that he himself offers.

The uses of the home are configured through two differentiated modules joined by a covered terrace. The main module groups together the uses of the home through an L-shaped distribution, which is configured around an interior patio where the outdoor common areas and the pool are located. Closing this interior patio, the second module is arranged, which houses the spaces for guests and an outdoor barbecue.

In order to maintain the privacy of Casa Alfredo with the neighboring homes and between its own uses, vertical lattices are installed that filter the light while providing privacy to the spaces.

In order to mark its parapets, two tones are differentiated on the façade. The darkest tone is used for the lower part of the house, the one most related to the terrain. Furthermore, these parapets are designed so that instead of being flat, they generate slopes on the façade, simulating the mountains that surround the house, allowing the generation of an identifying image. The exterior pavement is made of natural travertine, as is the coating of the pool.

The materiality inside the home refers to the existing materials on the outside. The floor is proposed as a continuous beige pavement, with tones similar to travertine. The continuous pavement responds directly to the accessibility needs of the home, allowing the existence of joints and projections to be eliminated on the entire surface of the home. Natural oak wood and travertine coatings are used throughout the interior of the home.


Alfaz del Pi


In budget

Project start date

November 2022

Casa Strauss

Casa Strauss