Els Pins

This house located in Almería, arises as a response to two fundamental factors: its geographical environment and the needs of the customers for whom it was designed.

The land is located on the first line of the beach and has panoramic views of the sea, which naturally led to the orientation of the house towards this front, making the most of its privileged location.

On the other hand, the clients, three brothers along with their respective families, had the desire to share spaces, but also to preserve individual degrees of privacy. These premises are reflected in the morphology of the home, which is structured in three independent modules, connected only at the rear. The modules are separated by patios, which gives rise to three differentiated living areas that do not have direct communication with each other.

The connection between the various blocks is established through service areas, thus maintaining the privacy of the most intimate areas of each module. In addition, sliding lattices are incorporated that allow the separation of the areas. exteriors, generating individual private terraces, but at the same time offering the possibility of unifying the outdoor space when necessary.


Roquetas de Mar


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